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Book Donation Guidelines

We are always happy to talk with you about specific  donations that may not fall into these  guidlines.  If you have more than  one bag please call ahead.  Donation acceptance depends on availability of space and staffing.  Donation reciepts are available upon request.

We will accept:

  • Popular Fiction and Non-fiction published in the last five (5) years.  We cannot use  clearly outdated materials.
  • All Commercially published audio books, DVD, or music CD
  • Classic Fiction books (nominated or award-winning authors, any year)

We cannot accept:

  • Boxes that have been moved directly from long term storage to the Library.
  • Large quantities of books that are not in boxes or containers. Due to facility and logistic constraints, we cannot accept loose material.
  • Damaged books with broken bindings, missing pages, soiled, musty, moldy, with smoke or water damage, or with excessive writing in the text.
  • Clearly outdated materials (see below for guidelines).
  • Magazines (bound or unbound) older than current, periodicals, academic journals.
  • Condensed books (Reader’s Digest).
  • Non-commercially produced media (aka home videos/recordings, or copies of commercial media).
  • Workbooks or study guides that are partially or wholly filled in.
  • Computer programs.
  • Text books
  • We accept certain materials  with the following guidlines:
  • Price guides and almanacs (Current)
  • Medical and financial advice books (within 3 years of current date)
  • Travel guidebooks (within 2 years of current date)
  • Computer manuals (within 3 years of current date)
  • Test preparation guides (within 3 years of current date)

The library reserves the right to refuse donations that do not meet the above criteria.